24 April 2009


actually, nur nak update citer pasal convocation. but yesterday would be my hectic day. it also including today, tomorrow and the next 2 days after tomorrow. so, got to k.i.v first.

then this monday, i will observe by one of the ORG BESAR in school. masa yg singkat dan padat, nur tak tau nak buat ape. kena tajuk fractions lak tu. huhu..menggerunkan! emm.. teringat lak masa practical dulu. i was oberserved by mdm malarselvi. tp mdm malarselvi begitu sporting. just prepare skit2 and hope that the kids will be OK on that day.

that's all for now.


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Sirah@Cyrah said...

U'll be ok dear...now I tgh prepare for my GEMS course...wish me luck!!!

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